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About Herstory

Herstory, A Woman in History began as nothing more than a single short story: Cold, War Kids. Written in 2008, the story of Oliver Brown and Ollie stood alone. Yet the voice of Ollie, her story, her battle cry, lingered on; through her cries, the voices of other women came forward. Following in Ollie's footsteps, Sweeny in Paint told her tale, and from there, many other women throughout history made their impression upon these pages. 

A true labor of love, this collection of short stories was written over a twelve-year period. The stories enclosed read in three different movements - past, present, and future, and each short story denotes what movement and the time period in which it took place. The chapters ebb and flow between time periods; the stories of women are too fierce, too compelling, altogether timeless, as to defy chronological constraints. 

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