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Alex's first love has always been writing. Akin to receiving a Hogwarts Letter, Alex still remembers the day she opened her acceptance letter to art school for creative writing. From there, she found her magic power of prose, and her life continues to be filled with story and imagination. She writes in a "Life, As Told by" narrative on her personal blog,

 Half of My Heart [Has A Real Good Imagination].

Alex began writing Herstory: A Woman in History in 2008 in a college-level creative writing seminar. One short story evolved into a collection of voices of various women. After fifteen years of writing, Alex could not be any more excited to share this collection with you.


Additionally, Alex is a self-described recovering lawyer/lawyer trapped in a writer's body. She is also a professor of constitutional law at her alma mater, California State University, Long Beach. She enjoys running, paddling, hiking, the outdoors, performing in plays and improv comedy shows, and pretending to be a contestant on the Great British Bake Off.  

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